Agile & Manual Testing

Manual Testing following Agile Methodology +Api + DataBase (All in one course)

Course Start: WeekDays/WeekEnd batch
Duration: 2 hours, 13 sessions, each session – 2 hours
Course High Level: Agile, Manual, API & DataBase Testing (All in one Course)
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Location: Virtual
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Instructors: Former Google Engineer
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Who this course is for: Freshers/Graduates who want to kick start their Carrier in Testing World. No prior testing experiences or Non-programming experiences.


Software Testing Concept

  • Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) & Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Testing methodology : Agile and Waterfall process(Differences)
  • Different Types of Testing : White Box & Black Box Testing, Verification & Validation, Functional & Non-Functional Testing , Sanity & Smoke Testing , Adhoc Testing & Exploratory Testing , Integration Testing, Cookie Testing, Performance Testing & Load Testing, End-To-End Testing , Security testing, User Acceptance testing (UAT), Browser/ OS Compatibility Testing

Testing Methods

  • Positive path & Negative path
  • Boundary Value Method
  • Equivalence partitioning Method

Testing Documents

  • Definition & How to write a Test Plan
  • Definition & How to write a Test strategy

Agile and Scrum Process

  • What is Scrum and Scrum Team
  • What is Sprint
  • What is User Story
  • How to give story points / How to estimate user story
  • What is Definition of Done and Definition of Ready
  • Different Sprint Activities: Scrum Meeting/ Grooming/ Sprint Planning / Backlog Refinement / Sprint Review / Sprint Retrospective

Jira Tool following Agile process: Live Project

  • How to install and configure JIRA tool
  • How to create an EPIC/User Stories in JIRA
  • Product Backlogs in JIRA
  • Creating sprints in Jira
  • Sprint Backlogs in JIRA
  • Sprint life cycle in JIRA
  • Creating bugs in Jira
  • How to write test cases in JIRA with Zephyr plugin
  • Creating Test Cycles and Execute Test cases in Jira
  • Test Report in JIRA
  • Uses of Confluence (Jira plugin )

Api Testing with Postman: Live Project

  • What is Client & Server
  • What is Api & Why do we need Api Testing
  • RESTful  API
  • End point/Base URI
  • Resources 
  • Path Parameters
  • Query Parameters
  • Restful HTTP Methods  (POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE)
  • Request Headers/Cookies
  • Request/Response Body
  • Response Status codes
  • Environment & Variables
  • Scripting in Postman
  • Run collection(suite)/Requests through command line (CL)
  • Run collection(suite)/Requests through Jenkins (CI)

SQL for Database Testing

  • What is DBMS & RDBMS
  • What is Database
  • Database Components – Client & Server
  • Installing Microsoft SQL server database management tool.
  • Create database
  • Create Table 
  • Insert data into table
  • Select/Retrieve data from a table
  • Where (Filtering records based on conditions)
  • DISTINCT ( Diplays unique records from a table)
  • And, Or, Not operators
  • Between , Not between operators
  • Aggregate functions
  • DDL Commands – Create alter
  • GroupBy clause
  • Having
  • Set operators
  • Sub Queries
  • Views
  • Index
  • Various type of JOIN
  • Exercise Session using all the above SQL concept

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