Month: April 2022

Generate Cypress MochAwesome Reporter

MochAwesome Reporter

    Cypress compatibility: node >= 14Cypress >= 6.7.0 Setup: or or command line import ‘cypress-mochawesome-reporter/register’; const { defineConfig } = require(‘cypress’); module.exports = defineConfig({ reporter: ‘cypress-mochawesome-reporter’, reporterOptions: { charts: true, reportPageTitle: ‘custom-title’, embeddedScreenshots: true, inlineAssets: true, saveAllAttempts: false,…

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Differences between Selenium 3 Vs. Selenium 4

Se3 vs Se4

In this article, I will compare the architecture for Selenium 3 vs Selenium 4, then highlight a few Selenium 4 advantages. I will also discuss the new features in Selenium 4 that have been applied to Selenium IDE, Selenium…

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