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  1. FATAL: Cannot run program “C:\Users\emorales\.jenkins\tools\hudson.model.JDK\jdk1.8.0_181\jdk.exe” (in directory“C:\Users\emorales\.jenkins\tools\hudson.model.JDK\jdk1.8.0_181”): CreateProcess error=740, The requested operation requires elevation
  2. CreateProcess error=740

Solution: The radio button, Install automatically is checked by default on JDK installation. You need to uncheck it because it will automatically update with the new Java version and there might be a possibility that Selenium doesn’t support the new Java version. It is better to uncheck it. Now click on apply and save. To know more, Follow this link->

Problem: org.testng.annotations does not exist

Solution: In your pom.xml file remove the scope and this should work fine. Because, even though we have imported the maven dependency for Testng, when you add scope tag in XML file, it treats as JUnit annotation and not as Testng. So when you removed scope tag, @Test Annotation treated as Testng Annotation.

            **<scope>test</scope>** //Remove this line and compile maven

Fix in Eclipse:
1. Open pom.xml file.
2. Go to “Dependencies” tab.
3. Select “testng” package and click on “Properties…”
4. On opened screen change “Scope” option to “compile” and click “OK” to save it.
5. Try to build your project again with “compile test” goals.

Solution source: Maven Compilation error [package org.testng.annotations does not exist] – Stack Overflow

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