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QA guide to handle defect leakage in Production

Defect leakage in Production

What is defect leakage? In simple words, “Defect Leakage is the metric that is used to identify the efficiency of the QA testing i.e., how many defects are missed/slipped during the QA testing. “ It is calculated using…

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Test plan Template

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Project Info: Project Info Product Owner QA Prime Release Peer Review and Sign-Offs Peer Reviewer Name Role Date Sign-Off QA Team Lead Sign-Off Product Owner Sign-Off QA Peer Sign-Off Developer Sign-Off Developer Sign-Off Project Overview Refer to release…

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Manual testing end to end guide!

Every software project has three crucial aspects, that are cost, time and quality. This is achieved by testing software regularly. Software Testing is an integral part of any IT project. The software is tested to detect bugs and…

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