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Instructor Course Price
Sariful Islam Selenium Webdriver with Java Basics + Advanced + Interview Guide 10
Sariful Islam Learn SQL in Practical + Database Testing from Scratch 10
Sariful Islam Appium (Selenium) – Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch 20
Sariful Islam WebSecurity Testing for Beginners-QA knowledge to next level 25
Sariful Islam Learn JMETER from Scratch – (Performance + Load) Testing Tool 22
Sariful Islam WebServices / REST API Testing with SoapUI 30
Sariful Islam QA Expert Course :Software Testing + Bugzilla + SQL + Agile 40
Sariful Islam Master Selenium Automation in simple Python Language 45
Sariful Islam Advanced Selenium Framework Pageobject, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins,C 45
Sariful Islam Write effective QA Resume that will turn to interview call 50
Total 297
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