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Selenium-Java Cheat Sheet

Driver Initialization Chrome WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); Firefox WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); Edge WebDriver driver = new EdgeDriver(); Safari WebDriver driver = new SafariDriver(); Locating Elements By ID: driver.findElement(By.id (<element ID>)) By Name: driver.findElement(By.name(<element name>)) By…

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Jenkins error: org.testng.annotations does not exist

Solution: In your pom.xml file remove the scope and this should work fine. Because, even though we have imported the maven dependency for TestNG, when you add scope tag in XML file, it treats as JUnit annotation and…

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What is QAOps? Process to implement QAOps


According to traditional, waterfall-style methodologies, where testing is often done at the end of the development process what leads to significant bottlenecks that can drip down the project quality and then release. That’s precisely where QAOps comes into…

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Differences between Selenium 3 Vs. Selenium 4

Se3 vs Se4

In this article, I will compare the architecture for Selenium 3 vs Selenium 4, then highlight a few Selenium 4 advantages. I will also discuss the new features in Selenium 4 that have been applied to Selenium IDE, Selenium…

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Advance techniques for Locators

As we know there are 8 locators are available in Selenium  as below:    Find different elements on a web page using Locators  xPath xpath required for finding the dynamic element and traverse between various elements of the…

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Locators in Selenium

Locators are the way to find or address web elements in html page. In Selenium there are 8 locators are available as below:    Find different elements on a web page using Locators  xPath xpath required for finding…

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Differences between getText() & getAttribute() methods?

What are differences between getText() and getAttribute() methods? WHAT IS GETTEXT() METHOD?  getText() is a method which gets you the visible  inner Text of this element, including sub-elements, without any leading or trailing white space. Inner text is…

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TestNG Assertion in Selenium

Q: What is TestNG Assert and list out common TestNG Assertions? A TestNG assertion in Selenium is a way to verify that the actual behavior of an application matches the expected behavior. It is a mechanism that allows…

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What & Why Maven? Maven is an automation and build/project management tool. It is written in Java Language and used to build and manage projects written in C#, Ruby, Scala, and other languages. Maven helps the developer to…

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